6 Month Fixed Deposit Rates

Best Interest Rates on a 6 Month Fixed Deposit/Certificate of Deposit in India

Deposit Account Type APY Account Details
IBDI Bank 6 Month Fixed Deposit9.00% The IDBI FD Rate is applicable for the 'Resident Term Deposits & NRO Deposits' product and le - INR - Oct, 2014More Info
HDFC 6 Month Fixed Deposit8.75% The latest FD Interest Rate below is applicable to of less than Rs. 1 Cr for the period 6 months - INR - Oct, 2014More Info
Axis Bank 6 Month Fixed Deposit8.50% The interest yield is applicable for the maturity from 6 months but less than 7 months requiring - INR - Oct, 2014More Info
Bank of Baroda 6 Month Fixed Deposit8.00% This interest yield indicated has a maturity range from 91 to 180 days and requires a deposit amo - INR - Oct, 2014More Info
SBI 6 Month Fixed Deposit7.00% - INR - Oct, 2014More Info