SBI 1 Year Fixed Deposit

SBI 1 Year Fixed Deposit

Rate at 6.75% p.a*

on SBI's secure website

SBI 1 Year Fixed Deposit



Applicable for a 12 month term ranging from 1 year to less than 2 years and for Deposit amounts 'One Crore & above

The rate of 6.75% is 1.89% higher than the average 4.86%. Also it is -6.75 % lower than the highest rate.Updated Apr, 2016


  • Q: What is your question?my father (senior citizen) fixed10lacs rupees for one year,how much get interest to my father

    Replypadma from Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Q: If I would invest my amount 50000rs at sbi fixed deposit fot one yr means, wat amount totally I will get it back after one yr

    ReplyVanitha from Marina del Rey, United States
  • Q: What is interest for 1 year for 15000

    ReplyIftkhar from Germany
  • Q: If i deposit 1 lac then what will be interest in a year..??

    ReplyN.K.Verma from Siuri, India
  • Q: if i deposit 1 lakhfor one year fixed how much i can get interest

    Replybaiju from Doha, Qatar
  • Q: if I am fixing 10000 per month then how much interest or rupeesI will get back after 10 year.

    ReplySuvendu from Bangalore, India