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Citibank India or Citi India, is a major foreign bank in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Citibank, a major international bank, which is the consumer banking brand of Citigroup,  a US global diversified financial services holding company. Citibank India was created in 1902 in Kolkata.I... read more

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  • Citibank India 3 Month Fixed Deposit Rates - Deposits
    Q: Hi, I have salary A/c with citibank pune. Please give me below information. 1.What is the interest rate I am getting on my salary savings now? 2.What is the interest rate I get if I do a 3 Months Fixed Deposit in citibank ? 3.If I do a 3 month Fixed Deposite for amount 75000/- what is my return amount after 3 months ?

    Reply Vijaya from India