India Mortgage Rates

Bank Rate Type
HDFC Home Loan

The loan is available for up to a 30 year term and the rate is for Salaried & Self Employed. Also the rate is appliable for a home loan, Home Improvement Loan(HIL), Home Extension Loan(HEL): and refinancing.

APR 8.35%-8.70%
Oct 2017
SBI Home Loan

The rate is applicable to the SBI home loan product which is floating.

APR 8.60%
Oct 2017
PNB Housing Finance Floating Rate Home Loan

The rate is a floating rate applies to salaried, self employed professional/non professional individuals.

APR 8.60%-10.25%
Oct 2017
Axis Bank Home Loan

Rate indicated is the effective rate of interest based on the 'Home Loan with Fixed Rate of Interest' product.It is for a loan amount upto Rs 28 lacs

APR 8.65%
Oct 2017
ICICI Home Loan Floating

Rate is a floating interest rate

APR 8.80%
Oct 2017

In India bank products from baniks for local resident Indians can include home loans for an established home or new homes for construction. In addition bridging loans, plot loans or home extension loans are also available to residents. PAL Home Loans with Pre-Approved Limit (PAL) allow residents to have pre-approved finance before bidding for a property. Some banks also offer Non Resident Indians (NRIs) or Persons of Indian Origin(PIOs) to obtain a home loan to purchase real eatate.


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